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22 Dec

Today’s a day for good news here at TPY. Last month I wrote about the obnoxious and pervasive problem of improperly drawn striped neckties in cartoons. I was going to have a whole ongoing thing about it. That never really happened. I hardly ever watch cartoons, so I don’t have the opportunity to document the phenomenon so that I can complain about it.

The one cartoon I do watch is Family Guy. I hate Family Guy. You loyal readers remember my post about that. I just watched the most recent episode. As it turns out, Seth MacFarlane is also a regular TPY reader and my voice was heard.



I have won the fight. In a small and limited way. Kudos to me, and kudos again.

An unacceptable outrage

15 Nov

Look at this screenshot of Carter Pewterschmidt from an episode of Family Guy I just watched.* Did you notice what’s wrong? If you didn’t, get ready, because once you notice it it’ll drive you crazy just like it drives me crazy. If you wear a striped necktie, the stripes on the front of the knot face the opposite direction of the stripes in the body of the tie. No one who draws cartoons seems to realize this. I’ve been noticing this for years. My uneducated guess is that 90% of cartoon ties are drawn incorrectly. It’s such a glaring and obvious error that I can’t believe no producer or the cartoon equivalent of a script supervisor notices it.

*Please read my last post about Family Guy. It’s sort of uneven and scattered. Oh well.

What really drives me crazy is when the knot stripe is broken by the border of the knot and the stripe still faces the wrong direction. It’s one thing if an animator is lazy and just draws all the stripes the same way because they don’t care. It’s another entirely when the animator takes the time and care to accurately render the tie knot and stripe pattern and fucking does it wrong. Has no cartoonist ever worn a striped necktie? Have they never seen anyone else wear one? Even in the movies? Do they take us all for saps?

I’ve had it. I won’t stand idly by while this outrage continues. Get ready for me to document instances of improper cartoon tie stripage. Get ready for me to write angry letters to TV shows and cartoon strips who cannot get this simple thing correct. I’ll be here in the trenches fighting for all of us, readers.

I’m not even going to talk about how all the stripes I pictured in this post are going the wrong way. They’re all facing down to the right. American tie stripes go down to the left, like the one pictured. Stripes on ties in England go down and to the right. But we’re not in England, are we? I’m just going to let that one go. I probably have to pick my battles here.