Breaking Bad final season thoughts: Episode 7

24 Sep

OK. I’m pretty confident at this point that no one reads these, but I don’t care. Only one episode left, and I’m writing this more to clarify things in my own mind than anything else.

The obvious scenario for some time has been Walt coming back to shoot up Todd et al. with the giant gun, and that seems like the only real indisputable event that’ll take place. The unexpected and great wrench in things was Gretchen and Elliott’s appearance on Charlie Rose. My assumption has been that Walt will find out somehow about Jesse being kidnapped and that would be the trigger for him to return–and Charlie’s comment about blue meth seems to be that. Walt also seemed pretty pissed about the whole tone of the interview. I’ve been shouting from the rooftops that Walt will ricin himself, but now we have a new candidate: Elliott. Was that just a plot device to prompt Walt to go back to Albuquerque? Or will we find out more about Gray Matter Technologies? I don’t think that company has ever really been explained. Maybe Walt’s plan now is to get caught so he has a platform to proclaim his indispensability in whatever it is they do. That would fit nicely with the whole “remember my name” marketing campaign.

From what I can gather, most media people think that Walt will die, or that he should die, or that he deserves to die, or that the finale has to provide some kind of moral justice; to definitively say “Walt is a bad person”. I won’t be surprised if Walt dies, but I think that’s a profound misreading of things. I think that’s a lazy and simplistic view of the world and I think Vince Gilligan is too smart to think that way. “Deserve” is a stupid concept. If Walt dies, I think it’ll come from a place other than “Walt deserves a bad outcome because he is bad”. Or at least I hope so.

Riding across the country in a propane tank would probably be really uncomfortable. And you’d think they’d stop on the way for some DVDs/books/magazines/etc.

I just read Matt Yglesias’s thoughts about this week on Slate. He says something that a lot of people think, that Todd’s uncle and pals are Nazis. That’s what everyone calls them at least. I don’t think that’s the case at all. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they hate Jews and black people, but the obvious explanation for the swastika tattoos in that they’re ex-cons who got down with the Aryan Nation in jail. Say what you want about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it’s an ethos. Prison gangs don’t have an ethos. This also, of course, explains how they had the connections to carry out the jail hit.

Question: Will Walt take his barrel of money back to New Mexico? He has the box, will he take the time to go back for the barrel or will he just pay cash for a car and split? He knows the feds are coming after the phone call.

So here’s Walt’s plan as I see it: Go back to Albuquerque, get the gun and the ricin, take out Todd and crew, rescue Jesse, kill/not kill Jesse, recover his cash, get the cash to Skyler somehow, make a public appearance explaining his role at Gray Matter and making sure everyone knows how great he thinks he is, ricin self.

Unless Walt’s convinced the family doesn’t want his money. I could see him totally giving up on that part of it. Maybe he’ll give the money to Jesse or light it on fire.

I’m most interested in this new Gray Matter angle. I won’t be mad if the following loose ends aren’t tied up: Todd/Lydia’s business/romantic relationship, Skyler’s legal problems, anything about Marie and Junior, Huell in the hotel room, finding Hank’s body, whether Bogdan resumes control of the car wash, etc.

That was more unfocused than usual. Maybe I’ll edit in more stuff later. I’m very excited for Sunday.

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