Breaking Bad final season thoughts: Episode 6

17 Sep

So my predictions and story ideas so far this season have been almost uniformly wrong. I’m OK with that. This week’s episode was pretty spectacular. No more needs to be said about that, everyone else on the internet probably already wrote a breathless and flowery blog post about how good it was. I’m just here to add my scattered thoughts as usual.

A couple things I have gotten right: Junior found out the whole story and Jesse teamed up with Todd. Of course, I did not at all expect Jesse to be kidnapped. My thought has always been that they would just kidnap Walt if that’s what they wanted. Whatever.

Let’s talk some more about Junior. Apparently it’s a big deal whether or not you hate Skyler and why you do or don’t hate her. I don’t pay much attention. I’m too busy hating Junior. He drives me crazy. He’s by far the least complex, least interesting person on the show. He’s whiny and annoying. His parents are shitty in a lot of ways, but they both clearly like and love him. And all Junior wants to do is spend more time with them and be buddies with Walt and get ore worried about cancer than anyone else etc. Why does anyone think that’s at all believable? Junior seems like a well-adjusted kid; we know he has at least one friend in Louis. And yet all we ever see him do is try to spend more time with Mom and Dad. Have the writers never met a teenager? He’s a total failure as a believable fictional character. I can’t believe no one talks about this. It’s the only glaringly bad part of the show.

Now on to my own remaining potentially correct theory. I am more convinced than ever that I’m right. Walt’s going to ricin himself. Let me lay it out. Walt hates the Todd faction for killing Hank. And he wants his money. He’ll also find out about Jesse and he won’t like it. He’ll come back to rescue Jesse and maybe kill him.* He’ll also lay waste to the Todd faction. His phone call to Skyler got her off the hook with the police. He knows Junior hates him. He wants them to go on happily, and he wants to slip them his cash, and he knows they’ll find out if he comes back. He won’t be able to keep it a secret once all of the  meth-related killing reaches the police. Walt also doesn’t want the family to think he killed himself. Be it pride or whatever, he has his reasons. So, in the finale he comes back to Albuquerque and takes care of business. He finds a bar, orders a beer, stirs in the ricin, takes a sip, fade to black.

*Hard to predict how Walt will come to feel about Jesse.

I don’t think I have anything else interesting to say. I don’t even know if what I did say is interesting. I mostly just want to repeat as many times as possible that I think Walt will ricin himself. Christ I hope I’m right. That would be great television.

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