Breaking Bad final season thoughts: Episode 5

10 Sep

I don’t have much to say. All of my great ideas are out of the window. I was disappointed in this episode. Here are some brief things.

I thought the whole sequence of events leading Walt out to the desert was highly unconvincing. Huell flipping, the fake barrel, the fake van GPS, etc. Huell wouldn’t cave like that. Walt’s too smart to fall for dumb nonsense like that. Duh. And explaining it away with a single line from Hank was lazy. I don’t want to dwell on it, but that’s the root of my disappointment.

The obvious setup now: Hank is killed/injured/captured/something in the desert. Walt escapes. Marie panics and calls someone. The story’s out, and Walt’s fake confession is neutralized with Hank gone (especially if Hank is dead). Walt is pissed off at the Todd faction and refuses to cook for them. He disappears forever to protect himself both from them and from the police (who have gotten the whole story from Marie). He comes back and takes out Todd et al. with the huge gun and ricins either himself or Jesse (if Jesse’s still alive). I still lean toward himself. I also don’t really like this scenario. Making the Todd faction the final villain just doesn’t have a lot of juice. I’m hoping they swerve away from that.

Junior meeting Saul obviously has a larger purpose. Seems like the first step in him finding out everything. That could be interesting, or it could be a dumb waste of time like every other Junior storyline.

The big mystery is Jesse. Does he survive the shootout? What happens if he does? It feels a little too early to kill off both Jesse and Hank.

Kind of on the nose how Walt calls Jesse a coward when he had to call in the Todd faction to do his own dirty work. Walt’s the real coward. I get it.

I think my “Jesse teams up with Todd to cook meth with Hank’s protection” scenario would have been a lot more interesting than this. I suppose I should withhold judgment until it’s over.

What happens to Skyler and the baby? The baby is kind of hanging around unmentioned. Why weave the pregnancy/baby through the whole series without some big baby climax? Could be a lot of things, but there will have to be something. Maybe the Todd faction kills the baby as revenge on Walt for leaving and that prompts him to come back. Just off the top of my head.

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