Breaking Bad final season thoughts: Episode 4

2 Sep

Over the last couple weeks I have read some recappy stuff about Breaking Bad on the internet. Yikes. That is not a fun time. I understand if you do not want to read this. I’ll try not to be overdramatic and overserious and generally a bad writer like everyone else. Plus this isn’t really recappy. More of a way for me to disseminate my brilliant ideas about what I think is going to happen next and maybe make some bullet-pointy observations.

Last week I laid out a scenario in which Walt ricins Jesse at the end of the series. That could still happen, but I feel a lot more uncertain about it now. But I do think one of my sub-predictions from that scenario is going to pay off. I think it’s highly likely that Jesse goes back into the meth business.

When Jesse says to Walt, “Next time I’m going to get you where you really live,” what is he talking about? If it’s a physical place, the only logical location is the car wash. That doesn’t make much sense. He could be speaking in some loose metaphor about killing his kids or something, but I don’t buy that. His money maybe? I don’t think Jesse would be able to figure out where it is. Where does Walt really live? In his head. Where he’s the kingpin of a meth empire. Again from last week: how can Jesse really hurt Walt? By usurping his title as the meth king of the Southwest. We’ve seen Jesse cook on his own. Not only does Jesse know he can do it, he knows he has Hank’s help.

Hank made it pretty obvious to Jesse that he’s gone rogue. Keeping him at home, interviewing him at home, running this sting operation on his own, etc. And don’t think Jesse didn’t figure out that Hank knew there was a chance he could die and didn’t care. Hank doesn’t give a fuck about the law or the DEA anymore. He only wants to get Walt. He’s just as crazed about it as Walt was about his meth. He’ll go along with Jesse’s meth-cooking plan, and not only because Jesse is the only person who can plausibly deligitimize Walt’s blackmail confession.

That leaves poor dumb Todd as the linchpin. Will he side with his mentor Walt and help kill Jesse, or will he side with Jesse, who probably still hates him, and get rich cooking meth? Tough call. My guess is that the bankroll, Lydia, will want Jesse on the team. This could be the prelude to my prediction of Walt using the disappear forever option and then coming back to dismantle the new meth empire and kill Jesse one on one.

More about the ricin. I thought Marie talking about poisoning Walt with her therapist was interesting. Could this be a clue? Here’s a bold theory: Walt comes back, wreaks havoc, and then ricins himself. He wants it over, but he doesn’t want the family to think he killed himself. With the cancer advancing*, he wants to go out on top. And he knows that as soon as it becomes known that he’s back, everything’s over one way or another anyway. The more I think about this, the more likely I think it is.

*Remember him coughing in the bathroom in the flashforward? Very Season One.

Potential ricin victims, from most likely to least likely:
Walt: See above.
Jesse: See last week.
No one: The whole ricin thing is a big multiple-season misdirection. I hope this isn’t it, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all.
Skyler: Easy for me to envision a scenario in which Walt needs to be rid of her in a way that won’t make Junior suspicious.
Walter Jr.: THIS would be fucking interesting. Junior finds out the whole story* and gets some evidence that could take Walt down. Walt persuades him to wait before going public and ricins him in the meantime.
Hank: Seems too obvious. And I don’t think Walt could get close enough.
Marie: Walt can’t get to her either. And if he wanted to, why not go for Hank instead?
Todd/Lydia: Seems too out of left field.
Saul: Nahhh.

*This raises another unanswered question: does the family go with Walt to New Hampshire? I guess no.

Beef with this week’s episode: Obviously a lot of exposition this week. Can’t always be so action-packed. But they didn’t show a moment that, to me at least, was important. How did Hank get Steve Gomez on the rogue team? Maybe they’ll explain it later. I’ll be very disappointed if they don’t. It requires some kind of explanation, right?

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