Breaking Bad final season thoughts: Episode 3

26 Aug

There are a lot of the people on the internet writing about Breaking Bad. Good for them. I don’t read much of the discourse about the show, but I’m here to add to it. Not that this will be thorough or in-depth or even weekly, but I have a scenario in my head that I want to put on the public record in case it turns out to be right.

By the way there are super duper spoilers in this.

At the start of season 5, we saw Walt returning to Albuquerque on his 52nd birthday, which is several months in the future. He picks up this big-ass gun and returns to his condemned house with “Heisenberg” graffiti, where he picks up his vial of ricin. So how do we get there, and what happens afterwards?

Here’s what’s in my head. I’m still thinking it through as I write this so it might have some inconsistencies or whatever.

We see the White house in the season-opening flash-forward. It’s fucked up, but not burned. So Jesse doesn’t torch the house. My guess is that Walter Jr. comes out of his room and sees Jesse, who won’t kill him and takes off. Jesse is angry, but he’s not a snitch, so he doesn’t go to Hank. He anonymously leaks to the press or something that Walt is Heisenberg, which simultaneously forces Hank to come clean to the DEA and neutralizes Walt’s confession. Walt realizes that Jesse double-crossed him and he is now fucked. This is when he uses the disappear forever option and moves to New Hampshire. I haven’t decided yet whether I think Skyler will go with him.

Jesse, meanwhile, realizes that the thing Walt loves the most is his empire and his reputation in the meth world. Again, Jesse doesn’t have the stomach to kill anyone, but he realizes the best way to get back at Walt–team up with Lydia to create an even bigger empire without him. Todd is involved here somehow.

Of course, Jesse is easily able to evade police detection since Hank was the only person who really knew how involved he was, and Hank is now disgraced. Once Jesse has established himself as the new meth kingpin, he somehow finds out where Walt is and sends word of his new success.

Walt cannot tolerate this. Jesse using his formula to create his own meth empire? No way. Plus the double-crossing. So he hops in the car and drives back. Fully armed, he guns down Jesse’s (and Todd’s?) guys. He gets word to Jesse that he wants to meet. This is the final scene of the series. The meeting is at Denny’s or wherever. It’s tense. Jesse is nervous. He gets up and goes to the bathroom. Walt takes out the ricin and dumps it into Jesse’s Mountain Dew. He slowly stirs it in. Jesse comes back. He takes a long sip of Mountain Dew as they stare silently at each other. Fade to black.

OK. That’s my dream scenario. In truth I don’t know how realistic it is. So here are some other scattered things.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jesse’s parents again. They haven’t been on the show in awhile, but they’re still around, right?

Right now the big wild cards are Todd and Lydia. Walt coming back to kill them seems likely, even if it’s outside of the confines of my scenario.

The more I think about it, what happens if Junior confronts Jesse with the gas can in the living room? What if Jesse panics and shoots him? He still has Saul’s gun. If he then immediately outs Walt, Walt will have to skip town without getting retribution. Thus he’d have to come back for Jesse. In this case Jesse wouldn’t need to go back to meth cooking. Walt could poison him and gun down the Todd/Lydia meth business in separate operations.

Another good Junior story would be/will be him finding out about Heisenberg. That could go a bunch of different ways. Who tells him? What’s his reaction? Etc.

Is everyone hoping that Walt dies at the end? By now he’s unambiguously the villain; the traditional setup would be to have him die. He turns evil and gets his comeuppance. I’m hoping this doesn’t happen. I want Walt to be the last man standing. I think if things end with him victorious, mean-mugging the camera, it’ll kill the whole anti-hero trope for the foreseeable future. It could never be topped. It would be a mic drop on an era of television.

To go with that, Jesse is set up to be the hero. He’s definitely the most sympathetic/relatable character now. To invert that and kill him would take a lot of balls.

One minor quibble. In Walt’s confession, he mentions paying Hank’s medical bills. But if Hank had hired Walt to work for his meth operation, why wouldn’t he have enough money from said meth operation to pay his own medical bills? It makes the whole thing seem fishy. I guess Walt could say that Hank and Marie were complicit in the gambling story and used it so Hank wouldn’t have to flash any unexplained cash around. But still.

So obviously that didn’t cover everything and I didn’t give a lot of detail, but whatever. I think this most recent episode makes it pretty obvious that things are coming down to Walt v. Jesse. I’m looking forward to that no matter how it plays out.

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