The first annual TPY Oscar review spectacular

26 Feb

The Oscars happened! I’m going to talk about them! The amount of words wasted on Oscar recaps on the internet is beyond human comprehension!

My predictions were terrible. Oops. Almost no one I was rooting for won. As per usual.

All the talk is about campaigning and how Argo rounded up votes and the media storylines etc. I hate that people talk about this as a legitimate thing and not as a testament to how stupid the Oscars are. Everyone agrees that Argo wasn’t the year’s best movie, but media people all just shrug and say, “Good job Argo! Can’t wait to see how the campaign goes next year!” This makes me feel like an idiot for caring even though I care about who wins very little.

Related media storyline analysis: If Ben Affleck had been nominated for Best Director, Argo wouldn’t have won Best Picture. It seemed like there was this dumb protest vote campaign against his perceived snub and then all of a sudden it won. Again, stupid.

George Clooney was one of the producers of Argo. He’s been nominated for Oscars in six categories: Best Supporting Actor, Best Actor, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Original Screenplay, Best Director, and Best Picture. I doubt he was doing any heavy lifting on his (co-written) screenplays and his name certainly helps, but I can’t think of anyone else with nominations in six categories. Good for him.

I don’t like that Argo won, but I did enjoy seeing Spielberg’s big Oscar grab mostly go down in flames. This was as Oscar-bait a movie as there ever has been and I think it would have been a much better movie if there were no such thing as awards. Way too much of it felt like watching people try to win awards. Daniel Day-Lewis and Tony Kushner can pull that off. Everyone else, not so much.

One thing I love about the Oscars is video montages. Who doesn’t love a good montage? This year there was only one: the In Memoriam. I think they should scrap that. It’s all people no one’s ever heard of and it’s oversentimental and borderline ridiculous. I also feel bad for the dead people who don’t get much applause in the room. In conclusion, this year’s montage situation was dire. Hey Oscars: more montages, fewer host-related comedy bits.

I don’t know why they have host-related comedy bits at all. They’re never ever ever good.* Host-related musical numbers, cold opens, etc. also fall in the never ever ever good category. Just stop already. Get someone sharp to host who can make funny ad-libs etc. and then get your entertainment from all the unscripted parts of a live awards show.** That’s the good part. That’s why people watch. No one’s watching to see Seth MacFarlane do anything. Whether he’s good or not is mostly irrelevant.

*Exception: David Letterman. This was a long time ago, but I thought he was great. Mostly because I think he’s great generally. People who both remember and didn’t hate his weeks-long Oprah/Uma thing are my kind of people.

**and video montages

There’s your comedy, folks

The main thing I thought Mr. MacFarlane brought to the show was clapping. I’ve never seen a more enthusiastic or frequent clapper.

In my Oscar preview I said that Jennifer Lawrence comes off as dumb sometimes. I kind of feel bad about that. After more analysis I think that may have been a misreading. I think she is, in addition to being very young, just much less guarded and more open than most famous people. That is to say I think she cares less than most celebrities how people like me perceive her. Maybe that’s also a misreading. Who knows.

Jennifer Lawrence thank you for being interesting

I liked how they used snippets from movie scores instead of generic interstitial music. They should do that every year.

I thought the live music was pretty good. The Chicago/Les Mis things kind of dragged. Would have worked better as a montage. Simple fact.

This video from the internet was much more entertaining than any part of the Oscar broadcast. HINT.

I’ve seen 63 of the 85. How many have you seen?

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