The Eastern Catholic League redux

11 Dec

Hey, loyal TPY readers. Remember my post about how the Big East basketball schools should split and form a new league? Well guess what. Looks like some Big East athletic directors and presidents were also reading. That’s right. I’m a visionary.

I made a couple small errors in my original post. I didn’t realize Creighton and Dayton were Catholic schools. It also looks like these guys don’t want anything to do with St. Joe’s. Too bad. I know Villanova has some kind of dumb beef with them or something, but they’d be a good fit. They’re also talking about Butler, VCU, et al. That would sort of kill my idea of a Catholic league. Even though I’m not Catholic, I like the idea of those schools having their own conference. Here’s my revised lineup. Ten teams, 18-game double round robin conference schedule.

Seton Hall
St. John’s
St. Louis

This is a good conference. Apparently the current Big East hoops schools will only get like $1.1 million a year from their new TV contract. I think this league could do better than that without dead weight like Tulane and UCF dragging them down.

Again, your main takeaway: I came up with this idea first. I am prescient. I have great ideas that everyone should listen to. This is why my blog should be required daily reading for everyone. Even on days when I don’t have a new post. EVERY DAY.

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