Who should I root for in the World Series?

23 Oct


UPDATE: I’m rooting for the Tigers. It just feels right. But not so seriously that I’m wearing my Tigers hat around town or anything. A loyal reader made a good point in the comments about Mike Ilitch and his efforts to put together a winning team. I agree. I might even get a delicious, convenient, and affordable Hot ‘n’ Ready pizza from Little Caesar’s for each game to honor Mr. Ilitch’s commitment to winning baseball.

The World Series starts tomorrow. Tigers v. Giants. I like both teams. I’m kind of torn about this.

I went to college near Detroit. I knew a lot of Tigers fans, and I went to Tigers games every now and then. Mostly to cheer for the Twins, but I developed a soft spot for the Motor City Kitties, as they are sometimes called, especially when the team’s bad, as they were when I was in college. Their records for the four seasons of my college years: 55-106, 43-119, 72-90, 71-91. The next year, 2006, the Tigers went to the World Series. The Tigers were endearing when they were bad. They played the Twins one of those years on Opening Day. They threw four pitchers in the game; all of them were making their major league debut. The 2003 team that went 43-119 was comically bad. But if you look at the roster, you’ll see a few guys who contributed to the 2006 Pennant winners. It was fun to see that team develop. My favorite Tiger in those years was Carlos Guillen. I drafted him in like the 18th round of a fantasy draft in a keeper league, and he head a great season. I hung on to him for a couple years. The team had an advertising slogan then of “Who’s your Tiger?” He was my Tiger. They haven’t won the Series since 1984. Tigers fans my age don’t remember seeing the team win, and it would be cool to see them have their moment.

I wish you still played for the Tigers, Carlos

I just moved to the Bay Area. My roommates are Giants fans. I’m totally eager to get into the local spirit. I’d be more eager if I actually lived in the city, but there seem to be a lot of Giants fans in the East Bay. Going to a championship parade would be fun. Watching sports is generally more fun if you’re cheering for the same team as everyone else. When I was in maybe third grade, I had a satin Giants Starter jacket. It was totally boss. I got it at this very ghetto outlet store  in northeast Minneapolis called Bank’s. They were an insurance liquidator, and they always had a wacky grab bag of random products. My dad loved this store. We went there all the time. Hardware, clothing, electronics, furniture, anything you can think of. That jacket and a pair of Airmax basketball shoes were the two finds that I remember from the store.

Yes, Danny Tanner wore a jacket just like mine in the Full House opening credits

So I don’t know what to do. I’ll probably just start watching game one and see where my heart takes me. I’m afraid I won’t really be able to totally get behind either team. In any case, being in a town with a team in the World Series is a fun time. Maybe I’ll go hang out around the stadium before the games start.

One Response to “Who should I root for in the World Series?”

  1. Vito October 24, 2012 at 6:53 am #

    I have to say that I’m rooting for the Tigers. I love seeing a team with an owner that’s reached the “I’m to old to give a damn about overpaying for a title” stage of life. Who wouldn’t want to be Mike Ilitch when they’re that old? (just without the hair piece).

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